11 July It Happened Today

1690  The Battle of the Boyne takes place in Ireland between the deposed catholic King of England, James II and the current King William III.

1776  Captain James Cook sets sail from Plymouth on his third voyage of discovery.

1915  Birth of Russian born American film star Yul Brynner.

1935  Death of French soldier Alfred Dreyfus.

1937  Death of American composer George Gershwin.

1953  Birth of American boxer Leon Spinks.

1960  The Telstar communication satellite is launched.

1977  A fine of £1000 is levied against British magazine Gay Times for blasphemy, for a poem suggesting Jesus was gay.

1979  The US Skylab space station burns up on re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

1989  Death of English actor Sir Laurence Olivier.

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