“Goodbye” Pierre Laval Died 15 October 1945



Pierre Laval (28 June 1883 – 15 October 1945) was a French politician and Prime Minister of France during the time of the Third Republic. He formed several governments during the period between 27 January 1931 and 20 February 1932, and also another government from 7 June 1935 to 24 January 1936.

Following France’s surrender and armistice with Germany in 1940, he also served in the Vichy Regime. He served in a prominent role under Philippe Pétain as the vice-president of Vichy’s Council of Ministers from 11 July 1940 to 13 December 1940, and later as the head of government from 18 April 1942 to 19 August 1944. He signed orders permitting the deportation of foreign Jews from French soil to the Nazi death camps.

After the liberation of France in 1944, Laval was arrested by the French government under General Charles de Gaulle and was found guilty of high treason. He was subsequently executed by firing squad.




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