“Hello” Lillian Gish Born 14 October 1893

Lillian Diana Gish (October 14, 1893 – February 27, 1993) was an American stage, screen and television actress, director and writer. She was often referred to as The First Lady of American Cinema.

She was a prominent film star of the 1910s and 1920s, particularly associated with the films of director D. W. Griffith, including her leading role in one of the highest grossing films of the era Griffith’s  Birth of a Nation (1915).

Her sound-era film appearances included  roles in the western Duel in the Sun (1946) and the  thriller Night of the Hunter (1955). She also did a significant amount of television work from the early 1950’s into the 1980’s. Her last appearance was opposite Bette Davis in the 1987 film The Whales of August.



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